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Disposable Take Away containers and food packaging

Jun 2017
Our new line of Take-Away food containers is ideal for delivering food due to its characteristics.
The tight closing of the lid prevents leaking of the soup or sauce during delivery to the customer.
Containers withstand heating to +121°C and they can be heated in microwave ovens. The thickness of the container wall reduces heat exchange, which allows hot food longer to remain hot, and cold food to remain cold, which is important during delivery. Containers can be frozen in the freezer to -18°C.
Transparent lid makes microwavable packaging of your dishes more presentable and allows seeing the contents of the container.
When food is delivered in 2 or 3 compartment containers, the contents of the compartments do not mix with each other, even if the container has turned over or reached the consumer at an incline. 
A variety of sizes and shapes will allow you to expand the number of dishes offered in your menu.