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Food containers with wrapped paper sleeve

Apr 2015

Disposable dairy container is a combination of paper & plastic and has a detachable paper sidewall banderole. An optional window can be added. Combination of paper and plastic helps to extend shelf life of fresh foods and at the same time enhances brand communication. High resolution images printed in offset ensures your product will get most of the attention.

These thermoformed cups are suitable for dairy products, such as spoonable & drinking yoghurts, cottage and soft cheeses, coffee milk drinks, etc.  
Combination of various characteristics makes this cup a perfect packaging solution for instant food & purees, sauces & dips, dry fruits & veggies, ice creams & sorberts, nuts & sweets, etc. 
Dairy containers comes with a paper wrapper without a paper bottom base, which reduces package weight.
Compared to regular plastic packaging, the inner cup’s weight is reduced by 50%, and the recycled paper wrapper is made of renewable resources.
It comes in a range of applications for the inner plastic cup including PS - polystyrene, PP - polypropylene, PET - polyethylenterephthalat, PLA - polylactic acid and PP/EVOH - polypropylene/ barrier sheet, suitable for chilled and ambient storage as well as hot filling and microwaveable products. 


· Eye catching shape windows in paper banderole;
· Printing on both sides of paper  banderole & bottom;
· Matt or glossy surface;
· Safe inner side printing, visible through transparent plastic cup;
· Filling line printed inside for instant food;
· Bar code on the bottom ensures easy scanning;
· Zipper for easy layer separation and post-consumer waste handling;

Dairy container applications: 

· Ready meals;
· Dairy;
· Ice creams & sorbets;
· Bakery and confectionary;
· Dry food;
· Chocolate spreads and sirups.