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Disposable Hot & Cold food paper containers

Apr 2015

New double vented paper lids with inner-rim embossed grip feature are made for minimizing spills. You can feel confident that these lids have more secure fit for To-Go orders, with less spilling common to traditional paper lids. 100% poly vented lids also available for a more economical yet secure presentation and price point.

Disposable paper food containers are made for hot and cold food and drinks. 

Added benefit is our containers sharing the same lid so less inventory and greater ease of operation.

Disposable foodservice containers are made with Heavy Construction Paperboard and are glossy finished for a look and feel your customers will appreciate. 

We offer you heavy duty containers with tree different designs: 

  • vibrant Great Day;

  • traditional White;

  • neutral “Contempo.

Single-use food containers are available for custom printing (up to 8 colors), so you can transform your ideas into unbelievably effective marketing tools!

Disposable paper food packaging for soups and other meals is available in two sizes: 355 ml and 470 ml.