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Packaging for cakes!

May 2016
Incredibly beautiful packaging for the most delicious and popular cake!

Tasty and colorful French pastry "Macaron" – is an elegant and very delicate treat. Only durable packaging can guarantee the integrity of the fragile sweetness handling.

Verlanca SIA offers a neat packaging of different sizes and shapes. They are made of cardboard or wood and have windows therefore you can see the contents and evaluate its look. This is especially important since "Macaron" cakes are fragile and should always maintain a presentable appearance.

This dessert is relatively expensive, so the manufacturer is interested in having his goods as long as possible retain their taste and stay beautiful and attractive.

This package will be relevant for confectionery, cafes, restaurants to adequately present the product and to ensure its safe storage. Unpacked products are weathered, become harder, as they could be exposed to dust, which is quite frustrating in terms of hygiene. Buyers prefer to take such products in boxes, since it is their guarantee of freshness, as well as the opportunity to make a nice sweet gift for any occasion.

Correctly chosen package will make its content more attractive in the eyes of the buyer. These “Macaron” cakes look gorgeous and in a worthy packaging they can be a real hit of Your sales!