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Heavyweight disposable plastic tableware and wine glasses

Oct 2015
Amazing presentation of you dishes!

Each unique collection, including miniature utensils, cutlery, plates and bowls, glasses and tumblers will present meals originally and attractively and provide every possibilities for aesthetic design of the holiday!

It stands to mention that in addition to beautiful design and convenience, a huge advantage of fiberglass dishes is that it is – unbreakable and sturdy. Fiberglass dishes are very relevant on those events where the use of glass and porcelain tableware is not desirable or even prohibited - swimming pools, saunas, boats, yachts, catering air-boards and trains, and just outgoing banquets, team building, corporate events, weddings e.t.c. To reduce the risk of brake up, as well as the costs on the transporting and washing  dishes, dishes made of fiberglass will be decent and attractive alternative to traditional dishes that, of course, will decorate your event at the best!

• Presentable appearance

• Light weight

• Unbreakable

• Compete with products made of glass

• Practical and comfortable

• A variety of shapes and colors