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Ice cream containers and disposable cups for frozen desserts

Jun 2021

We offer a wide range of disposable frozen dessert containers and parfait cups. The collection includes both paper packaging and recyclable PET plastic containers. 

Why choose our dessert packaging?

Transparent cups with a beautiful swirl design have a sophisticated look and offer excellent visibility of the dessert. These dessert containers are suitable for sorbets, ice cream, mousse, frozen yogurt, and fruit salads. What's more, the universal lid fits all cups, making it extremely convenient to use. Thanks to domed lids, the top layer of dessert or ice cream can be decorated with additional toppings.
We use exclusively environmentally friendly materials for a variety of our products. An interesting fact about the rPET material, which our crystal clear containers are made from, is that creating a new product from recycled bottles uses up to 75% less energy than from virgin plastic. It can be used to produce other plastic and textiles, without losing its inherent functionality. PET material is extremely resistant to the adverse effects of oxygen and water, while being completely safe for use with food products. Recycled PET has amazing low temperature tolerance, withstanding up to -23˚C. Another advantage of this material is that it is fully recyclable.

 Seven benefits of our disposable ice cream swirl cups:

• The sizes of our ice cream containers vary from 185 ml to 375 ml (the most common sizes of ice cream cups);
• The packaging design is strikingly different from other products on the counter, giving you a competitive edge;
• Plastic containers are durable and strong;
• Crystal clear cups have impressive transparency, which is ideal for displaying your dessert;
• Dome lids for dessert containers are available with a hole and without it;
• The flat tall lid can also be used as a saucer;
• Containers made of rPET plastic are easily recyclable, which makes them eco-friendly.